Frequently Asked Questions About Our Beard Products:

 The chief ingredient in our Premium Beard Products is Cannabis Sativa (also known as Hemp Seed Oil). Now before you get all excited, or even upset for any reason, hemp seed oil is 100% legal to use even though it is easy to confuse with the marijuana plants' flowers or extracts that come from the hemp plant after it is harvested.


Is Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil) legal?

 Hemp Seed Oil does not contain any psychoactive contents and is produced by pressing the hemp plant seeds. Although hemp seed oil does not contain any traceable amounts of  THC which causes the euphoria effects associated with smoking or ingesting marijuana, it does have many enchanting benefits!

 Hemp Seed Oil is legal in most parts of the World, Europe, and the United States of America. And is used to produce cosmetics, food, and other products that you probably use around your house on a day to day basis.

 So, now that we have all that cleared away with all the naysayers out there, let us explain to you why Hemp Seed Oil is such a fascinating product and the some of the enchanting benefits it provides for your facial hair and skin when you use it!




Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

 Hemp Seed Oil absorbs easily into the skin, helping to restore the natural oils missing due to sun exposure and poor nutrition. It is full of vitamins such as Vitamins A, C, E, Proteins, Beta-Carotene ( chemical formula - C40H56  ), as well as being rich in Essential Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, along with Natural Nutrients making it perfect for all types of hair while also providing enchanting benefits for your skin as well.


 Hemp Seed Oil has High Moisturizing Properties which nourishes not only the facial hair, but also the skin and scalp too. Being high in Vitamin E makes it a great natural hair conditioner. As you rub it into your skin, it increases blood circulation as it absorbs into the hair follicles. It also helps prevent water loss and helps keep more moisture in your facial hair and skin.

Stimulates Hair Growth

 Hemp Seed Oil absorbs easily into the skin and hair which is an excellent source of Omega 6 also known as GLA (Gamma linolenic acid). Which is a critical ingredient for your facial hair growth by stimulating growth and nourishing the facial hair assisting in keratin production that gives you healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. 

 It is not just facial hair that benefits though, Hemp Seed Oil also helps with hair loss or thinning hair on your head.




Is Hemp Seed Oil good for growing beards?

 Hair is made up of keratin, which is around 90% protein, and hemp seed oil adds to the protein levels and increases blood circulation to the scalp. It also is a excellent source of many natural nutrients and ensures the hair follicles are nourished and ready to stimulate hair growth. Hemp Seed Oil has been shown to help improve facial hair growth for many men, as well as nourishing the facial hair and skin so that it grows healthier, thicker, and stronger.


Can it Help to Prevent Hair Loss?

 Hemp Seed Oil strengthens the hair follicles preventing breakages on weak and dry hair. It is also an anti-inflammatory making it a magnificent product to use regularly when trying to keep as much hair as you can!


Is Hemp Seed Oil is good for skin?

 Hemp Seed Oil is not only amazing for your facial hair as described above, but its also an incredible oil for when it comes to nourishing your skin. Hemp Seed Oil is ideal for curing Eczema and Acne. It won’t clog your pores as it has a comedogenic rating of zero.

 Hemp Seed Oil is also an excellent moisturizer being able to absorb and lubricate your skin cells easily. As a skin treatment, Hemp Seed Oil can help with:

  • Eczema
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Dry skin
  • Inflammation
  • Acne



Make sure you use the right type of Hemp Seed Oil!

 There are different types of Hemp Seed Oils available. The best is Cold-Pressed Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil, which is the highest quality product available which results in a rich dark green color like our products. The other type is Refined Hemp Seed Oil which is clear and lacking some of the vital nutrients needed.

Where can I buy Hemp Seed Oil for beard growth?

Here at JohnnyDappa.com we have hand-crafted the Ultimate Hemp Seed Oil products available on the market, using Premium Grade Hemp Seed Oil that is Cold-Pressed and Unrefined providing you with all the rich enchanting benefits described above to give you the Healthiest, Thickest, and Strongest Dapper Beard known to Man Alive!